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Factors to Consider Before Purchase of Gravity Conveyor Rollers

gravity conveyor rollerGravity Conveyor Rollers are basically used for conveying packages which can be used on either permanent lines or temporary lines. These are mostly used in shipping departments, warehousing activities, and assembly areas. Only a minimum amount of pitch is required for most of the products.


In order to make the machine efficient the pitch needs to be chosen according to the roller. Check the package weight and then choose the diameter of the roller according to the load for which it has been rated. Choose the pitch, from the available range, which is closest to half of the maximum length of the package being transported. If the package does not have a rigid base then add as many rollers as you can under it by reducing the pitch. If the number of rollers being used under a device is more than three then the load should not be divided according to the number of rollers under it. In the above mentioned situation the roller might be overloaded so a suitable roller should be selected.        


A gravity roller conveyor should be placed at an angle where it travels down at a fixed speed without needing any other external factors. In case steel rollers are being used the angle should be 7 to 9 and in case of plastic rollers it should be 2 to 3. These angles should be increased for light packages and decreased for heavy packages. The accurate angle can be found through trial and error method only.


The gravity conveyor roller should definitely be wider than the package width. Ensure that the package is not hanging off the sides of the conveyor as it is unsafe. The weight of the package should be evenly distributed across the roller so that the roller does not deflect. There should be sufficient space between sideguides and the package so that there is no friction which prevents the conveyor from functioning.

Chemical environment

The conveyor rollers are prepared to bear and resist affects of certain chemicals based on the materials used to manufacture them. A list of chemicals that can be used around this device are listed and this list should be followed if the conveyor needs to last long. Even while cleaning the rules specified should be followed. The cleansers listed should only be used.


When using gravity conveyor rollers the capital cost is low since these devices do not need any other source of energy for the rollers to function. If these rollers are purchased from a quality manufacturer then long life and quality is an additional advantage. The investment need not be major as the conveyor roller does not need any maintenance. It is quite simple to operate. The installation process of this device is fairly simple and can be customized according to the operation.

There are no dangers from these rollers as they are declared safe according to industry regulations. Using these conveyors is fairly economical and no extra space is required for the operations to be carried out.