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Choosing the right auto transport company – Made easy!

auto transport companyThere are a plethora of auto transport companies which are out there, but there is often a lot of confusion over which company to choose. It is important that you choose the right company so as to avoid scams or hitches which are often involved in transporting your vehicle from on state to another, and even internationally. Read this articles and you will have a fair idea about how to choose an auto transport company.


Let’s take a look at some tips which could help you choose the right company are:

  • Start well in advance-

Once you are sure of the dates that you would like to ship your vehicle, you should start looking for a company to do so. This will give you ample amount of time to not rush into anything, therefore resulting in rash decisions.

  • Conduct a research on the companies that you are considering –

If you have a company in mind, it is important that before signing the contract you quotes posted by others on the company website, look through the insurance policies, and their terms and conditions. Do not go for a company which is new in the market, as this would most likely be a spam. You will also not be able to thoroughly gauge their services.

  • Do not automatically go for a company offering the lowest price –

A lot of companies, who offer low prices, do not already possess carriers to transport vehicles. Once they lure you to accept the offer, they will then search for a carrier. If the carrier does not accept the low price you will be left stranded as your vehicle will not be shipped. You should compare the prices and services provided by other companies.

  • Get a price quote from the company-

Sometimes all charges including taxes, tolls and insurance will be included in the total price quote. You should be thorough about the prices. Check the prices and services provided and the legal documents of the company including insurance and licence numbers. Get the transport shipping details in writing and make sure to read the contract thoroughly.

  • Preparing your vehicle-

It is important that you prepare your vehicle before it is transported. Wash your car so that you can easily check for damages that might have occurred along the way. Remove personal items and accessories, as the auto transport company does not take responsibility for items within the vehicle. Empty the gas tank to one-fifth of the amount. This is important as it will lighten the load on the trailer and you will be saved of extra costs.



  • Make sure that before transport your carrier inspects your vehicle-

You should conduct a thorough search of your car. Check for cracks in the glass, dents or scratches and create a report. Your carrier should verify this report and sign against it. Thus, if any other damages occur during the transport process, you can easily file for insurance and repair.

  • Ask about payment options-

Reputable companies and services provide the option of payment through credit cards or by invoice. It is best to avoid dealings in cash.